What is Intelligible™ Sim

Intelligible™ Sim is a powerful cloud based, BI, reporting and management platform designed and built for large Machine-to-Machine [M2M] environments. Intelligible™ Sim enables effective control, management and monitoring as well as active and passive reporting across the entire M2M estate, irrespective of the number of providers used for GSM connectivity. Intelligible™ Sim also bridges the gap between the organisations specific internal corporate application data such as CRM/ERP applications and the billing and usage data received from the GSM providers.

Who needs Intelligible™ Sim?

Any M2M organisation that makes use of the GSM network as a primary means of connecting to and communicating with their M2M environment.

How does Intelligible™ Sim work?

Intelligible™ Sim sources your company’s daily and monthly billing information directly from your Service Providers, with your consent of course. Once we have all the data, our IT guru’s import the data into our database and apply some pretty incredible magic which then allows us to re-present that data back to your head honchos in a meaningful manner via the web based Intelligible™ Sim portal.

Benefit of Intelligible™ Sim?

• Single platform providing usage, cost and contract information across the entire M2M environment.
• Extensive APN analytics provides detailed insight into all APN usage down to individual SIM level.
• Purpose built reporting helps stop bill shock by quickly identifying abuse, missing and rogue SIM’s.
• Immediate insight into all zero billing and low usage SIM’s.
• Control, manage and recover all roaming charges.
• Ensure commercial compliance against signed provider agreements. EG: Discounts, rates and tariffs.
• Automated cost recovery is easily achievable through custom pre-defined criteria and report automation.
• Understand all network routes being used and the efficiency of each, IE: GPRS, SMS, roaming etc.
• Gain insight into product profitability by auto-merging internal company information with provider billing.
• Combining CRM information with provider billing ensures accurate and relevant reporting.

• Easily reconcile and verify usage against provider billing.
• All information is on hand and readily available, EG: Itemised billing per SIM
• Scalable platform ensures costs are understood, managed and controlled as your business grows.
• Powerful analytics and reporting provides never before seen insight, management and control across the M2M environment.
• Easily identify overage, underage and wastage per SIM, per customer etc.
• Dashboards provide summary information on an otherwise large and complex environment.
• Automated reports can be scheduled for email based on custom alerts and triggers being set off.
• Set budgets at any level and receive corresponding budget tracking reports.
• Find any device or cost quickly through the search feature.
• Secure, permission based user access ensures that users only see information relevant to them.