Intelligible™ is a web-based Technology Expense Management platform that provides incomparable visibility, analytics and control across your Telecom and IT (ICT) Landscape. The software has been developed and deployed locally which enables the platform to report in the South African context on over 100 telecom and IT service providers. The platform’s unique modular approach means you only pay for what you use and not for redundant features, customised to align with each organisation’s specific requirements.

One dashboard rules them all – Business Intelligence empowers key decision makers and administrators with relevant data to manage their Telecom and IT expenditure effectively.

Intelligible™ provides a vendor agnostic platform and provides transparency across the Telecom and IT landscape. Reporting on all IT and Telecom usage, devices, products, services, technologies and commercials for all providers has never been easier.

Standard Admin Tools included in all modules.

  • Add/Remove company hierarchy elements
  • Assign, manage & maintain all users to align with internal company reporting hierarchy structures
  • Manage passwords
  • Schedule/Export reports
  • Set alerts
  • Import internal company directories, Business & Private call allocation
  • Set and manage budget and limits
  • Assign usage policies to groups & individuals
  • Third Party Gateway (Vodacom) – Lock, Unlock, Sim Swop