Are you like John and Sarah?

John has a problem! He only gets a clear picture of his telecom and IT spend at the end of the month and even worse, the performance of the company’s telecom and IT portfolio every quarter, if he’s lucky. John is a MD of a large business and does not have the time to go through all the invoices line by line before signing off. So, the company just pays!

Sarah has a problem too! She needs to manage their portfolio using endless excel spreadsheets, trying to allocate devices, mobile lines and fixed line extensions to employees. Sarah cannot focus on optimising business expenses either! She does not have the tools to analyse the invoices, nor understand all the funny charges.

It is like driving a car with a broken windscreen. You can’t really see where you are going.

There has to be a better way!

Imagine this scenario. Your accounts clerk comes to you and informs you that your communications expenses are through the roof.  They don’t have an idea why this happened.  The MD is upset, calls the IT administrator in and wants answers right now! The poor IT administrator calls the vendor sales person with no avail. Who can afford that?

Meantime, in the office park next door an employee left for greener pastures with their mobile phone and tablet in hand. The company only realised this as they were doing year end recons and it has been 4 months already! “How did this happen?”, they ask.

If you used Intelligible™, these scenarios could have been prevented or you could have had the answer on that overspend at your fingertips. I bet you would put that data to good use!

Important actions can't wait!

John was tired of looking in the rear-view mirror, seeing problems after they have incurred costs. Like you, he wants to manage his telecom and IT related problems as soon as they appear and seize the opportunity to instantly control them.

Sarah made this business case to her company: In an ever-changing technology environment, why wait a month to find out if things have gone wrong?

See clear across your telecom & IT landscape today!

Imagine you had a way to see all your telecom and IT data in one place – whenever you wanted to see them? You would be able to report on, monitor and manage your telecom and IT portfolio, spot problem areas and maintain all related functions easily. With this data, you can start making incremental improvements to all areas of your business functions using technology and keep vendors accountable.

These improvements have a habit of adding up and before you know it, you are saving time and money that can be used to grow your business!