Intelligible™ provides a vendor agnostic platform and provides transparency across the Telecom and IT landscape. Reporting on all IT and Telecom usage, devices, products, services, technologies and commercials for all providers has never been easier.

Insightful Device Management

Intelligible™ is an insightful TEM platform that exports on all Telecom devices.

  • Fixed Line Voice & Data
  • Mobile Data
  • Mobile Voice
  • APN’s
  • IoT (M2M)

Intelligent Analytics

One place with the right metrics to truly measure expenditure & identify trends across your ICT Landscape.

  • Budget
  • Allocate
  • Track
  • Recover

Cloud Flexibility

We are proud proponents of cloud, recognising that regulatory circumstances require the data contained to be protected. No statement installation required and easy to deploy.

  • Scalable
  • Accessible
  • Secure
  • Multi & Single Tenant

Take Action

By setting alerts on one of your business critical expenses, you can identify out of control spend before it escalates. Management of exceptions at its finest.

  • Import daily usage (CDR’s)
  • Monthly invoice data (EDR’s)

Tailored Reports

Tailor-made reports provide an extremely powerful tool to customers with your reporting specifications. Reporting requirements can change – if we don’t already have it, we can create it.

  • Locally developed platform
  • No “red-tape” to create custom reports

Unlock Telecom Insights

Now you have the key to “unlock” and use several filters to access specific information needed. Finding overspend, wastage, abuse or inefficiencies made easy with purpose built reports. 

  • Easy filters
  • Intelligible search options

Responsive Secure Web Based

Intelligible™ has been built using best practice principles to provide a
responsive, secure password protected platform with a web based interface.
Fast interactive | Controlled user access | Access anytime, anywhere!

Vendor Accountability

Effective vendor management at each stage of the relationship, from negotiating specifications to contract renewal is essential to ensure excellent value.  Intelligible™ reports on agreed discounts, rates and rebates.

  • Vendor commercials
  • SLA – Service Level Agreements
  • Relationship performance
  • Contractual negotiations
Key Reporting

Keeping key role players informed with relevant and important notifications on expectation triggers.

  • Automated reports
  • Determine thresholds
  • Faster, Smarter, Action